Listen Rokas on Executive Leaders Radio

Rokas Beresniovas, Vice President at State Bank of India (California) in Washington DC first appeared on Executive Leaders Radio on March 12, 2015. Executive Leaders Radio is dedicated to honoring...

Karjer? užsienyje padar? lietuviai: reikia kantryb?s ir daug darbo

Pasiekimai. Siekiant s?km?s kitoje šalyje svarbiausia yra ne mojuoti mokslo diplomais, bet apsišarvuoti kantrybe, atkaklumu ir bent jau pradžioje – neskai?iuoti darbo valand?. Karjeros kelias visada...

State Bank of India (California) sees great expansion potential in U.S.

February 27, 2015 By Raif Karerat State Bank of India (California) East Coast Leadership: Ranvir Singh (left), Vice President & Manager of the Washington, DC, branch, with Rokas Beresniovas...

Unleashing Innovation Summit – Mumbai, India

                   Creating a culture that fuels repeatable success  Innovation is everyone’s responsibility, not just R&D’s. – Albert Einstein Rokas Beresniovas, Vice President, State Bank of...

3 Ways To Stop Wasting Other People’s Time

Everyone’s found themselves in the middle of a pointless meeting or on the end of a conversation that’s going nowhere. And while there’s little you can do in those instances, you can...

The Eurasia Center Award

Proud to receive a prestigious “Golden BRICS” award. Established in 1982, the State Bank of India (California) is a fully owned subsidiary of the State Bank of India, a Fortune 500 company...

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