The Eurasia Center Award


Proud to receive a prestigious “Golden BRICS” award.

Established in 1982, the State Bank of India (California) is a fully owned subsidiary of the State Bank of India, a Fortune 500 company and one of the largest banks in the world with controlling ownership by the Government of India. State Bank of India (California) has grown steadily in the US over the years to almost 1 billion dollars in US assets. Its most recent expansion was the opening of the East Coast office based in Washington, DC.

The strengths of SBIC include commercial banking, including small business financing and trade. SBIC is also unique in that the bank can leverage assets in India to help finance small business in the US. Over the last year especially, SBIC has worked to support Washington DC-based businesses, agencies, and organizations with millions of dollars in loans, including lending to businesses in low income areas, as well as not for profit organizations.

Being personally involved in the community is also very important to SBIC, which not only sponsors local events, but also supports the work of staff on boards of local organizations, such as the Georgetown Business Association, the Georgetown Ministries Services, CSAAC Foundation, the Embassy Series, and others.

SBIC strives to support the communities in which it works through strong, reliable, and conscientious business and personal relationships. Read More.

BRICS - State Bank of India