The Capital City Ball

Executive Committee members John Dunford, Tonya Lynn Sabel, Amy Porter Stroh and Ken Christiensen

The Capital City Ball benefitting the fight to end human trafficking and slavery is held at the Washington Club in Washington, DC on Saturday, November 20, 2010.  The evening included a silent auction, dinner, dancing, and desserts.

— Report and photographs by James R. Brantley

Christine Beresniovas, Rokas Beresniovas, Laura Webb and Allen Lewin Dr. Mark Richards, Melissa Santos and Tina Frundt, Founder of Courtney House
Cassandra Glifford, Venesuela Carr, Mindy Black and Captain Jared Black Victoria Fox and Jim Maas try out the dance floor
Lee Murphy, Tammy Britt, Kum Kang and Suzette Y. G. Manduley  Lisa Spoden and Katy Conlon
Host Committee member Kate Marie Grinold and Andrea Powell Executive Committee member Tonya Lynn Sabel and Host Committee member Donna Shor
Laura Webb, Jessica James Golden, Bahamian Minister for Artistic Endeavors W. Nelson Lewis, and CSAAC Director of Community Development Ayla Savder Tracey Laslo and 2010 American Woman Classic Division Elaine Roecklein
Tom Anthony, Errol Steward, Col. L.T. Phillips and Jay Gholson
Dr. Sheila Jahan and Gary Maslan Jen Lieberman, Kelly Hollenshade, Megan Buerger and Alison McLaughlin
Kum Kang, Lindsay Kin and Chandler Ramelli Sarah Gray, Lindsay Bronwen Tingley, Jennifer Kelly and Liz Martone
Tammy Britt and Lee Murphy Linda Zunas and Elizabeth Barrows