Mayor Fenty Put on Notice by GBA

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Here is an official Georgetown Business Association statement regarding the Democratic primary for Mayor:

“The GBA has not yet taken a position on who to support in the Democratic primary for Mayor. We recently cosponsored with the Citizens Association of Georgetown a successful forum for the candidates for Council Chair during which issues of concern to the businesses and residents in Georgetown were very usefully explored. The Mayor’s campaign initially agreed to a similar forum, but it has become uncertain that he will participate. If he doesn’t, it will be more difficult for the businesses and residents of Georgetown to make informed decisions in this very important election.”

Rokas Beresniovas, Vice President – Georgetown Business Association

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As a DC small business owner, I’ve got a problem I can’t get resolved and I need your feedback and help. Can someone ask the Mayoral candidates who show up what’s going on with the District’s Dept of Employment Agency mismanagement that cost taxpayers $14,000,000…. But, don’t believe me, see for yourself straight from the horses mouth here in this OPEN GOVERNMENT testimony: