Kids4Peace: making a life of peace and making change

(Alliance for Middle East)

In the Beit Safafa Middle School, more than two hundred families-Muslims, Christians, and Jews-met and shared Iftar together.  Orchestrated by Kids4Peace, the meal embodies the hopes of the members. USAID’s Dave Harden summed the event up perfectly with his words, “you are living a life of peace. I want you to have big, big visions.” As described by Jill Levenfeld, these children are making noise and making change throughout a broad community.

Jerusalem co-director Rebecca Sullum poignantly describes her experiences with Kids4Peace, which now spans more than a decade. She began as an individual who could not name a Muslim holiday, and now witnesses interfaith meals as hopeful symbols of peace.

Beginning in late July, over two hundred Israeli, Palestinian, and American students student will meet for summer camps in cities ranging from Boston to Washington, DC, to Galilee.

Lastly, congratulations must be extended to Jesse Raben, Rokas Beresniovas, and Kevin Rachlin for their recent selections as members of Kids4Peace’s International Board of Directors. Read more.