Panamanian Musical Interludes


October 28, 2010 | by
Photo by Rokas Beresniovas

Ambassador Jaime Aleman and Rokas Beresniovas

Ambassador Jaime Aleman and Rokas Beresniovas

Guests gathered at the residence of the Ambassador of Panama via invitation from Fundacion Panama on Monday evening to enjoy an evening of fashion and music to benefit Fundación Sinfonía Concertante de Panamá, an organization that promotes the educational and cultural enrichment of Panama’s young people that reside in less privileged environments, as well as promote the musical arts.

Guests gather on the residence's patio for cocktails and music
(Photo by: Rokas Beresniovas) Guests gather on the residence’s patio for cocktails and music

After opening remarks by Pilar de Aleman, wife of Panama’s Ambassador Jaime Aleman and Fundacion Panama President Jessica Palmieri, guests were treated to a fashion show by CAbi followed by a musical presentation by award-winning singer/composer Manuel Escala.

Event attendees included Rokas Beresniovas, Janine Schoonover, Ambassador and Mrs. Jaime Aleman, Angelique Velez and David Pardini, Jessica James Golden and Nelson Lewis.