Mayor and Council members Celebrate Success of GBA

Georgetown Patch

New officers were sworn in at the Georgetown Business Association 2011 annual meeting and holiday reception, attended by members and elected officials.

That Georgetown businesses have “weathered” the economic storm of the past several years and continue to grow and thrive, was the message offered by leaders at the Georgetown Business Association (GBA) annual meeting at Dumbarton House Wednesday.

Newly elected GBA president, Rokas Beresniovas, told the crowd of members and elected officials, “the State of The GBA is a positive one, even though we all know that we still have some challenges before us.”

Mayor Vincent Gray praised the GBA for its work supporting small businesses, which he called “the backbone of this city.” VIDEO.

“I know the recession that we’ve been in…has taken its toll on a lot of our small businesses, but I congratulate you on weathering the storm,” said Gray.

Council member Jack Evans reflected on his 20 years of service in the community and the work he has done with local organizations like the GBA to make sure Georgetown is seen as “the best historic neighborhood in the world.”

Beresniovas called on GBA members to continue to take an active role in the organization and set forth his goals for the next year.

“It is also important—now more than ever—to continue collaborating with other Georgetown interest groups to develop ideas about how to make Georgetown the most competitive shopping destination in Washington, D.C., while also respecting the needs of local residents,” said Beresniovas.

The evening also included several awards to outstanding community members and public servants.

The Art Schultz communitarian award was given to Dumbarton House for being stewards of the historic structure.

The business of the year award went to Serendipity 3.

The Joe Pozell public safety award went to three people: Second District Commander Michael Reese, Officer Robert Corchado and to Chip Dent, the GBA safety chair. VIDEO.